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History of flying in Iowa

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History of flying in Iowa

Are you following this year’s elections? What do you think, will Donald Trump be the next American president? He is convinced that he will. He had so much confidence that when he stopped in Iowa with his airplane, you could hear some music and that music was the theme song from the 1997 movie Air Force One, where Harrison Ford played the president. If you didn’t know, Iowa is a pretty important state for presidential elections because you never know what will happen in Iowa. Do you want to hear another fun fact about Iowa? I am sure you want. Did you know that 1910 was very important year for flying? Several states can claim the fact that the first planes flew in this year, including Iowa. However, in Iowa we can’t know for sure which plane was the first. There are four candidates in our story, so let’s meet them.

The first guy is mister Art Hartman who is claiming that he is the first person who flew in Iowa. It is often recognized that he made the first flight. But, this flight is in fact his jump by his plane when he had risen 10 feet above the ground by his home-based plane.

There are photos of this event that happened on May 19th in Burlington 16028.30060but people claim that there is a different plane on the photos. So a lot of things can be said about this guy who had first flying experience when he flew with a balloon, seven years before this event. He often said that his fascination with planes came when he met famous Wright brothers. In 1939, he rebuilt his plane and flew with it until he decided to retire his vehicle and donating it to Nebraska, to Pioneer Village 16028.30058Museum.

The second and the third spots are reserved for Bud Mars and Eugene Ely. Their flight occurred in June. Situation was next: team of pilots came in June to Sioux City. The pilots were Bud and his student Eugene. They met the first time several months before the event, when Bud took Eugene under his wing.

Their flight was seen by audience. Also, their three-day exhibitions were reported, and today we have a report from the Aeronautics magazine. In the report, a journalist said that these efforts weren’t so successful. They had problems with the wind and they couldn’t have proper flights. However, they had their flight by attaining some heights. They went from ten to fourty feet and the third day, they even went to hundred and fifty feet.

iowa-aviation-museumFourth and the final candidate is mister Thomas Baldwin. He also had his three-day flight in the October of that year in Iowa City, original capitol of Iowa. It’s interesting to say that originally, earlier mentioned, Eugene Ely should fly on that festival. However he was busy, and then stepped up his colleague. He also had wind problems like Eugene and Bud, but he eventually had a successful flight. But he finally had a good time and he took his flight and was headed north and then west in a counter-clockwise way, rotating uphill to about 125 feet. You could say that this was the most successful flight in Iowa in 1910.